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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Recent Photoshoot: Anne

A couple of days ago I had a photoshoot with Anne (we did a Time For Pictures collaboration) and I really liked how the images turned out. This time most of the shoot was natural light. I just used a simple reflector and window light on an overcast day.

On some images I had to correct a bit more than I am used to to get good fill light (the reflector was sometimes not enough to brighten up the side of the face opposite the lightsource) but in the end it worked out nicely.

Here are the images:

This is a regular windowlight shot with a reflector on the opposing side of her face. The reflector was mounted on a lightstand (something like this one).

Here Anne actually had the idea to draw the heart and then we shot through one half of an opened window that I had sprayed with some water. I liked how her expression makes you wonder what the story is that's going on here.

In this case the window was straight behind Anne and I had her looking straight at the reflector.

Shot on black fabric (black cotton backdrop) and this time I used a smoke machine to generate some atmospherics. The deal with these smoke generators is that you can use them indoors (unlike smoke bombs) but you have to cool the smoke down to make it stick to the floor more. Otherwise it will just rise and make your room foggy. I DIYed a styrofoam box with two holes, one to feed the smoke into and one to use as an outlet. I then added some crumpled cardboard into the box so the smoke could not just pass straight through the box and then added some ice to that. Closed the box and everything was ready to rock. Worked quite well.

This is a shot we took out of the studio on a walk close to the river. Also natural light but late in the day, meaning I had to up the ISO quite dramatically to freeze the hair motion.

Have a great week and happy shooting!

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