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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Japan gallery

As I mentioned I was on a trip to Japan recently and here are some impressions from this wonderful vacation. Me and my girlfriend went to Tokyo for 6 days and then Osaka for another 7 days (with a day trip to Kyoto). Here is a map:

The flight was quite long so you get through a lot of blockbuster movies and have plenty of opportunity to listen to music or audiobooks. I actually tried to catch up on the game of thrones audiobooks.. those give you plenty of hours to work through.

Tokyo, much to my surprise, is quite similar to a western country in some parts. You wouldn't even know you traveled halfway around the world if it were not for the japanese characters on the billboards and signs - well, in the city center at least. It's very easy to nativigate since about everything you need as a foreign traveller is very well organized. Most signs are in english as well as japanese, korean and chinese.

Different than most western cities though, shopping districts are quite strictly separated. There is a district for electronics, one for fashion etc. and it's fairly hard to find, for example, an electronics shop elsewhere than in it's designated district.

It definitely pays out to prepare a bit in advance what you want to see because the possibilities are endless and Tokyo (and Osaka) are both really big cities with lots of things to see.

We were right there around cherry blossom season (which is a quite nice plus I have to say.. the trees looked beautiful in contrast to the old architecture).

Here are some impressions.

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