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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Leaves are falling.. (Part 1)

Some days ago I had arranged a photoshoot with a model online and over coffee we had gone through a list of things we could try to shoot. On the day of the shoot I was passing a playground in the morning that was surrounded by a lot of trees and suddenly the idea came to my head to create an image where the model's hair had been replaced by leaves and she was holding an hourglass representing the passing of time.

Photos like this, of course, have probably done before - but sometimes it's just fun to give something your own spin and try it out. Admit it, you have shot water droplets before too haven't you? Or that portrait of an old man in black and white? I know I have.. ;)

So as I was passing the playground I just grabbed a handful of leaves and put them in a plastic bag I had brought along.

At home I washed the leaves just to make sure there were no crawly things hiding in there that could make the model uneasy.

Since covering the whole head in leaves is a bit of work (and we were limited by the amount of hairpins) I decided to just put some leaves where her hair meets her face (the temples, the side of her head) and we took a picture like that. (One light source - it was an umbrella up top and my Yognuo 560 II)

After this shoot with the model I then set up a styrofoam head (that I had adjusted to exactly her height) and pinned lots of leaves all over it. I then took a picture with exactly the same settings as in the shot with the model and replaced the styrofoam head with her head in the final image.
This way we saved a lot of model-time and a lot of hairpins!

I will go into the post-processing that went into this shot in a second post.

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