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Thursday, 13 March 2014

no color

here are two more pictures from the rooftop shoot i wrote about last time. for these two i converted them to black and white to get a slightly different mood.

here they are:

i also picked up a ringflash reflector (this one yesterday that i bought second-hand, payed 60€ instead of 170€, and am looking forward to try it out. it's basically a reflector for your flashgun that gives you a ring-like illumination for a relatively low budget. there are also some very cool led-ringlights which are awesome for video but considerably more expensive (for instance this one about 250€) so i built a video ringlight myself. Cost me about 50€ with things from the local supply store and as long as i can find a power outlet somewhere this should work well. i will give it a try and post the result (and maybe a small how-to if you want to build your own).

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