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Friday, 21 March 2014

fundamentals (tutorial)

this time let's have a look together at the very basics of photography,
what the different terms mean you often hear and, most importantly, what you can do with it.

any picture you take with a camera is influenced by a couple of factors. if you use the "auto" a lot, you get something that you have very little control over. that might be great for snapshots, but sometimes you want a specific look in your pictures. this short tutorial is meant to put you behind the wheel of what comes out when you press the camera's shutter button.

here is a summary of the most important information to get you going, feel free to distribute:

some of these things may not be scientifically correct to the camera-repair guy (if you are one, please correct me) but they are artistically correct enough to make it easy to understand for you and keep it as a reference.

in order to get your feet wet with all this information, you could just forget about the auto modes of your camera and stick with manual mode for some time to practice (that's usually the one called "M" on your camera which allows you to set iso, aperture and shutter speed as you like). i will do that with you, let's see what we learn.

there are many different automatic modes (Av, Tv, Sv, ..) on most cameras and they are very useful too - but i will ramble about them some other time. if you have suggestions or questions don't hesitate to comment and we will figure it out.

have fun!

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