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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

over the rooftops

today we had a rather spontaneous photoshooting on the roof of a building next to the lab i am working in.
a friend and colleague wanted a picture for his linkedin-page and that was the perfect opportunity to give the new yoguno flash a first try.

so we waited until close to sunset ("golden hour") and then started picking the best location. i wanted to blow the background out almost completely so I used my pentax 55-300 lens at close to 135mm focal length and f7.1 at iso 200. in retrospect, since this gave me a shutter speed of only 1/180,
i could have gone higher iso to prevent blurring the pictures by shaking the camera at the long focal lengths too much. something to remember for next time.

the lighting setup was simple- i mounted the flash on a lightstand and used it without diffuser to brighten up the side of the face opposite to the sun, directly pointed towards the head. about 1/32 power and triggered with the built-in flash from my pentax-k3 set to "normal" flash mode and flash brightness -2 stops (to just use the flash as a trigger, not to significantly light the face).

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