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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

old school

since i bought a holga camera some time ago i started to dabble a bit in middle format film (so.. old school stuff that is) including developing it at home and "scanning" it with my dslr. [i will make a blog about that process some time in the future.]

so i was starting to dabble with my holga when i was invited to a friend's party .. and there i saw it! the most beautiful piece of camera equipment imaginable. an old twin lens reflex (tlr) camera.. something so striking and intriguing that i knew i had to have one..

source: wikipedia

so i feverishly browsed ebay and it's clones for some time and in the end (since the rolleiflex depicted up there is a tad expensive) i settled on a cheaper version, the "seagull".. basically a chinese knock off version produced in the 1960s:

source: wikipedia

while these cameras are perfectly capable of taking high-quality photos in the hands of the experienced film photographer (which i am not) i particularly like the low-fi, gritty, dirty side i can get with it. including dust on the film, scratches etc.

.. and if you want to collect hipster-points, these cameras are just the thing.

(plus you can take the obligatory selfies because these things a mechanical self-timer)

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